Helicopter Wars: Protect the resurrection cross

This is a helicopter war map in which you will have to fight your opponents and destroy their respawn cross. That being said it requires at least two players to start a game. 

Once you have already destroyed the opposing team's respawn cross they will not be able to respawn on their island but will go directly to the spectation zone.

To win you must eliminate all the members of the opposing team and destroy their respawn cross.

Since the islands are quite far from each other, in the upper part of the island there are helicopters which will serve to transport you and attack the opposing team since these helicopters can shoot TNT.

Operation  of this helicopters is easy, you will only need to get close to it and tap 'Hop In' if you are on Android or IOS, or just right click over it if you are on Windows 10. Once you are inside you will be able to fly by just seeing upside, or land by seing downside. You can use the controls to redirect the helicopter for it take you wherever you want. 


Creator: FreinerGamer25 
Youtube: FreinerGamer25
Twitter: @Freinercraft
Tik Tok: imjoseph g

To throw the TNT from the helicopter you will have to take the item that appears in the chest next to the helicopters, once you have it in your inventory just select it and hold down the screen for a few seconds or if you are in windows 10 just press right click once you have done this you will throw the tnt.


-Do not break blocks.

-Do not get creative.

-Do not summon entities.

-Do not give items with the give command.

-Always have fun.



Download section:

 How to install:

When you download the file minecraft should recognize and import it automatically when you click over it. However if it is not imported or open with minecraft here is how you can install it manually:

If you review this map and don't give credits you will receive a strike, also please use the download link to www.freinercraft.com. Personal LAN and Online server uses are allowed for this map, just give proper credits to our hard work.


Team FreinerCraft

All rights reserved


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    1. It requires at least two players to play. Once you have imported or intalled the game into minecraft, at lest two player needs to enter into the pool that has the text 'Enter to Play', a new game will start and each player will be assigned a color and a island to protect.


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