Helicopters Addon: Functional Flying Helicopters


Have you ever wanted to be able to craft helicopters and fly over the skies? 

With this addon you will totally able todo so. The fun part about it is that It includes two attack helicopters and one transportation helicopter. You can spawn them when in creative mode, or craft them in survival mode. 

The attack helicopters allows you to trowth TNT when you are driving it, whether on earth or when flying over the skies.

The transportation helicopter allows to transport up to 3 players at the same time and aslo has a inventary, so you can transport items with it. 

Operation  of this helicopters is easy, you will only need to get close to it and tap 'Hop In' if you are on Android or IOS, or just right click over it if you are on Windows 10. Once you are inside you will be able to fly by just seeing upside, or land by seing downside. You can use the controls to redirect the helicopter for it take you wherever you want. 

To throw the TNT from the helicopter you will have to use the Bomb corresponding to each helicopter. For the blue helicopter the Bomb blue item should be used and for the red helicopter the Bomb Red should be used,

How to craft the itemsPropeller

Landing Skid 


Bomb Blue

Bomb Red


Creator: FreinerGamer25 
Youtube: FreinerGamer25
Twitter: @Freinercraft
Tik Tok: imjosephg
Team FreinerCraft


Download section:

 How to install:

When you download the file minecraft should recognize and import it automatically when you click over it.

If you reviw this map and don't give credits you will receive a strike, also please use the download link to www.freinercraft.com. Personal LAN and Online server uses are allowed for this map, just give proper credits to our hard work.


Team FreinerCraft

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