Instant Structures v3 (Halloween Update)

You would like to be able to quickly generate structures in your worlds such as mansions, houses, farms, trees, buildings and others quickly from the command bar.
Thanks to this addon you will be able to do it without any complication,
this addon adds a lot of structures which you can generate them quickly from the chat bar.
You can build large cities easily because the addon has a lot of houses or mansions or you can also create large forests quickly thanks to the addon.
This addon is essential at the time of building adventure maps because it has a lot of trees which you can use to build forests, or if you want to decorate areas of your maps also has all kinds of contrunctions such as houses, ships, mansions, farms and others.

How to use

To use the eraser you must press and hold the screen if you are on android, but if you are on pc you must press right click, after doing this the eraser will be activated and you can start removing the structures.

Once the eraser is activated you must keep pressed the screen and the eraser will start to remove the structures, to deactivate the eraser just interact with any block. 

Creador: FreinerGamer25
Youtobe: FreinerGamer25
Twitter: @Freinercraft
Team FreinerCraft


/function tree_1
/function tree_2
/function tree_3
/function tree_4
/function tree_5
/function tree_6
/function tree_7
/function tree_8
/function tree_9
/function tree_10
/function tree_11
/function tree_12
/function tree_13

/function house_1
/function house_2
/function house_3
/function house_4
/function house_5
/function house_6
/function house_7
/function house_8
/function house_9
/function house_10
/function house_11
/function house_12
/function house_13

/function build_1
/function build_2
/function dungeon_1
/function dungeon_2
/function statue
/function temple
/function farm_1
/function farm_2
/function axolotl_santaur
/function camp

/function boat_1
/function boat_2
/function boat_3
/function boat_4

/function air_balloon_1
/function air_balloon_2
/function air_balloon_3

/function halloween_casket
/function halloween_ghost_1
/function halloween_ghost_2
/function halloween_grave
/function halloween_house
/function halloween_lighthouse_1
/function halloween_lighthouse_2
/function halloween_ovni
/function halloween_pumpkin_1
/function halloween_pumpkin_2
/function halloween_scarecrow
/function halloween_tree_1
/function halloween_tree_2


14 New Halloween-themed structures added. New item that allows you to remove structures quickly.

Download Instant Structures .Mcaddon


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