SkyBlock OP: Battlefield Over The Skies


Skyblock is a map in which you find yourself on a floating island surrounded by other islands where you will have to explore if you want to get resources and survive.

Thanks to the generator that comes by default on the island you can get different minerals such as iron, gold, diamonds, coal or emeralds as the generator was modified with commands.

Hours of enjoyment are waiting for you and your friends with this map.
This is a minecraft skyblock map in which you will be totally able to spend hundred of hours without getting bored.

This map is great because it has been built with the aim of providing a well acknowledged game mode. The environment you will find is a set of islands suspended in the skies strategically to make it spicy for player to get resources and get to each island.

At the beginning of the game, all the players will be taken to the lobby where the should decide getting into the battle, for doing so, all the players must enter into the portal that takes everyone to the main island.
This is where the fun takes place, as all players are taken to the same island, they should get as many resources as they can from a Chest. The items saved there are limited, but there is a generator that is constantly generating a random block of one of the next items: gold, diamond, emerald, or iron.

The generator only generates a random block at once, so when the block generated is mined, a new random resource block is placed on the same place by the generator to fill the block that was mined and extracted.

With all the players on the SkyBlock battlefield, and with the resources, everyone is ready to take control over all the islands. Though it is pretty easy to fall trying to get all the resources or being hit out of the island for another player. So it will be hard before a player or group of player can take control over all the islands, the block generator and the resources and the same time. 

When exploring some of the 12 islands you will find a coin inside a chest, this coin can be used to receive great rewards in the next big update.

Map Version: +onwards


Creador: FreinerGamer25
Youtobe: FreinerGamer25
Twitter: @Freinercraft
Team FreinerCraft


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Download SkyBlock OP .Mcworld


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