Lucky Block Race 2.0

Lucky Block Race

Lucky block race is a map in which you will have to break the lucky blocks that appear in your way, to get objects, weapons, equipment, food that you can use to defeat your rivals in the final battle that will define the winner.

The blocks of luck are totally random, thanks to this you will never know what will happen after breaking them, the blocks of luck have a total of more than 150 events available at the moment of breaking them.

There are different items that this map adds such as: the rainbow sword, colored pearls, magic wands with different abilities, candies among other things. 

How to play

The map needs a minimum of two players!

To start playing you must select a team in the team selection area, then a button will appear below the floating text "start", which you must press to start the game.

To use the magic wands you just have to click with the right mouse button, but if you are on mobile you just have to hold down the screen for a few seconds, after doing this the magic wand will be activated and you will have to wait a while to be able to use it again.

Additional information 

Below your name is displayed how many times you have won so you can see who is the best. 

Can you be the player with the most wins, find out by playing?

Bugged map?

Use "/function reset" or use the reset item.


Creador: FreinerGamer25
Youtobe: FreinerGamer25
Twitter: @Freinercraft
Team FreinerCraft



Lucky Block Race

Lucky Block Race

Lucky Block Race

Lucky Block Race

Lucky Block Race

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