Lucky Blocks


Lucky Blocks are lucky blocks that when you break them something totally random will happen, whether they are structures, objects, mobs or traps.

Lucky Blocks are totally random, thanks to this you will never know what will happen after breaking them, Lucky Blocks have a total of more than 200 events available when you break them.

I have added a new variant of the Lucky Block which is green in color, when you break this new variant a structure with a chest containing totally random items will be generated.

There are different items that this addon adds such as: the rainbow sword, colored pearls, magic wands with different abilities, candies among other things. 

Additional information 

How to use the magic wands?

-To activate these wands you must hold down the screen for a few seconds, but if you are in Windows 10 you must press right click, after using the wands you will have to wait 10 seconds to be able to use it again.

How do I get the green variant of the lucky block?

-To get this variant you must make a lightning bolt fall near a lucky block, after doing this you will get the new variant, if you want to collect the new variant and have it in your inventory you must curl up and not have any object in your main hand, then interact with the block.

How do I get all the addon items quickly? 

Just put in the chat "/function give_lb".


Creator: FreinerGamer25
Youtobe: FreinerGamer25
Team FreinerCraft




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