Pet Chest

This addon adds a new pet chest which you can tame, once your pet chest has been tamed you will be able to open its inventory and save your most valuable items as the owner of the pet chest is the only one able to open its inventory so you don't have to worry about any player trying to take your stuff, after you have tamed the pet chest it will follow you no matter where you are so you don't have to worry about losing your pet chest.

The pet chest has the ability to travel between dimensions, it is also immune to fire and lava, it resists falling damage and once tamed it cannot be hit, this means you don't have to worry about your pet chest dying.

How to use

To tame your pet chest you must give it a chest, once you do this a heart-shaped particles will come out, if this doesn't happen it means that you haven't tamed the pet chest.

If you try to open the inventory of the pet chest you will not be able to do it because the only one who can do this is the owner of the entity.

If you want your pet chest to die you will have to forge a key in the normal furnace or the melting furnace, after you have done this you must interact with the pet chest with the key in your hand, if you do this the pet chest will release the items it has in its inventory (It is possible that it will not release all the items it had in its inventory, so we recommend you to take your stuff out before doing this), when the chest dies it will also give you a chest and so on so you can spawn it again whenever you want.

Important things to keep in mind.

-The pet chest is autonomous, this means that it won't always follow you, but this doesn't mean that the pet will stop following you! 

-The pet chest will only follow you once you have tamed it.

-You can only open the inventory of the pet chest if you are the owner and you have tamed it.

-To be able to interact with the key in the pet chest you must first tame it.

-If you want your pet chest to always follow you, use a pet chest to tempt it to follow you.


Creator: FreinerGamer25
Youtobe: FreinerGamer25
Twitter: @Freinercraft
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