Ghost Friends


Have you ever wanted to have new pets in minecraft with new features and functions?

Thanks to this new addon called Ghost Friends you can have these pets, this is an addon which adds 2 new entities which can be used to be pets or as your faithful friends.

The addon includes 2 different entities called Halloween Ghost and Christmas Ghost these have the ability to fly and protect the owner once tamed, when the entity defends the owner it will add a poison effect to the entity that has attacked the player.

How do I tame the entities?

-To tame the Halloween Ghost you will need to craft the candy corn and use it to tame the entity.

-To tame the Christmas Ghost you will need to craft the gingerbread cookies and use them to tame the entity.

How can I cure my pet?

To heal your pet you must use the item with which you tamed it.



Download Ghost Friends .Mcaddon

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